Corporate Responsibility

Eshton is committed to acting responsibly towards all our stakeholders. We take our Corporate Responsibility (CR) beliefs and performance seriously, which align to our strategic imperatives and are in accordance with our policies on:

Safety leadership

Our work involves design, construction and improvement. There are many hazards associated with working in our sectors and we believe passionately in taking a leadership position to make our industry safer.

We continue to work with our clients and industry to improve safety standards and ensure that the principles of safety leadership are embedded in our organisation and reflected in our performance.

Carbon reduction

With the World’s leading economies on the fast track to a low carbon future, it’s our role to help our clients understand and prepare for the crucial role of delivering infrastructure in a carbon conscious World.

We design and construct to exceed carbon reduction figures and offset wherever possible land regeneration projects with the planting of trees and creation of green areas in all our development zones.

Respect for the environment

We are committed to conducting business in an environmentally responsible manner. In addition to cutting carbon, our key environmental priorities have been identified as:

Waste reduction
Water efficiency

Excellence in delivery

We take pride in delivering complex, time-critical projects for our clients, a selection of these can be found in our News section.

Working with our community

We are passionate about contributing to the communities in which we operate and engage our people to join together to make a difference where it counts.