Environmental, Social and Governance

From climate change and data privacy, to workforce diversity and corporate directives, we, our clients and other stakeholders are becoming increasingly shaped by environmental, social and governance (ESG) targets that continue to evolve and develop as the world changes around us.

Every business decision will be viewed in the context of our ESG obligations, and so it corresponds that companies work best with partners that mirror their own values and ESG mission.

ESG is fundamental to our team, suppliers, customers and investors. We seek to be responsible business owners, working at the forefront of the industry by delivering, managing and supplying property that boasts sustainable credentials. That way, occupiers and investors alike can achieve the objectives within their own ethical frameworks.

We pledge to continue providing customers with a combination of innovative solutions and development excellence that lasts and enables them to thrive.

Safety First

We work with our clients and the wider industry to improve safety standards and ensure safety leadership is embedded across our organisation.

Carbon Reduction

We will design and construct to exceed carbon reduction figures, offsetting our projects by planting trees and creating green areas of diversity.

The Environment

We will continue to build on our core values to ensure all decisions, practices and behaviours follow our ethical framework.

Our Community

We will strive to create workplaces for communities to develop and prosper as well as encourage effective and genuine community engagement, enabling local communities to participate in design.