Supply Chain

"We recognise that our supply chain plays a significant part in delivering successful projects. For this reason we have developed a supply chain sustainability commitment to help us engage our suppliers on important economic, social and environmental factors."

Eshton is undertaking to improve its established supply chain performance by embedding key suppliers into the procurement process at the earliest opportunity.

This approach builds on our current long-term relationships and focuses on furthering continuous improvement goals. The commitments towards and expectations from all our supply chain will achieve higher levels of openness, efficiency and innovation.

By putting together the right team at the right time in the project development process, we aim to harness the appropriate skills, experience and capability to deliver valued solutions that address cost effectiveness, quality standards and sustainability. Through greater integration and better communication, professionals with the most relevant knowledge are involved in the key decision making processes.

Eshton recognises that every project we undertake is in partnership with our suppliers, relying on each other to achieve excellence in delivery.

We use suppliers who have a proven track record at delivering to the standards that we and our customers have come to expect.